My first kiss of the year was at 12:00 am as everyone was shouting Happy New Year, drying their lungs in jubilation. I let the bottle in my hand touch my lips, emptying its content through my mouth. 2018 found me with alcohol in my system, nursing a hangover on its virgin day. With such … Continue reading Reflections


Perfect Stranger

I am yet to know how people put others in their prayers. Do you tell God about this person with the name, a brief description or does God translate it from your schema and gets the memo? Ah, but God is Al-Aleem, the All knowing, the Omniscient. This should be a story of love. And … Continue reading Perfect Stranger


There has been talk after one man was slain by his girlfriend. No one wants to agree that it has happened. It shouldn't happen but it has. We are all driven up the wall, mostly by people closest to us. Growing up, your parents would smack you, causing your vessels to halt transporting blood for … Continue reading Revenge?

Go Commando!

On my first night in high school, the school mum to the girl on the lower bunk came to tuck her in after we showered. I was in a pink silky-pretentious dress.The daughter was in pyjamas. We were chit chatting, when the school mum said that ideally, we should be sleeping naked to give the … Continue reading Go Commando!


The holiday season is ripe. It is setting in. School-going children are splattered in malls unfortunately, instead of playgrounds. The slow appearance of mangoes in the market can only mean that December is a heartbeat away from putting the year to rest. Holiday destinations are being sought. Surrounding towns in the Coastal region and especially … Continue reading Outing