In Sheep’s Clothing

There is a lot of strength needed in dealing with people. For this reason, I prefer to keep to my corner and observe how they go about themselves. With this prior analysis, I am able to know how to approach the said human people, if need be. Prevention is better than cure. Person 1 I … Continue reading In Sheep’s Clothing


Ripe for Mangoes

People talk about a lot of things. When they talk about towns, you will hear the legendary Nakuru, Naivasha, Magadi, Eldoret and even Nyeri. Rarely will you hear anyone say a thing about Embu, it never comes up. It is a surprise as it contributes highly to the economy in terms of trade. People here … Continue reading Ripe for Mangoes


Some girls like short skirts they call knee-length. Some like minis. Some like long skirts with those tantalizing slits that show you fair, dark and chocolate thighs from behind. Others like tight jeans threatening to burst the seams open while the rest prefer loose-fitting cotton pants but hugging the behind. In fact, some girls like … Continue reading Invasion


There has been talk after one man was slain by his girlfriend. No one wants to agree that it has happened. It shouldn't happen but it has. We are all driven up the wall, mostly by people closest to us. Growing up, your parents would smack you, causing your vessels to halt transporting blood for … Continue reading Revenge?

Go Commando!

On my first night in high school, the school mum to the girl on the lower bunk came to tuck her in after we showered. I was in a pink silky-pretentious dress.The daughter was in pyjamas. We were chit chatting, when the school mum said that ideally, we should be sleeping naked to give the … Continue reading Go Commando!