Wasted Waste.

Bad luck can follow you in a lot of places. When it follows you in a certain place several times however, you have reason to be worried. This is not by any means superstitious. It comes following a very logical analysis of the situation at hand. After a successful visit to Thika, the furthest place … Continue reading Wasted Waste.



It was not long after the 8% VAT was passed in the so-called Finance Bill 2018. I was enjoying the pleasant view of the landscape courtesy of the front seat of a bus already visualising the bomb ass day I would be having that Saturday at Blaze BYOB Summit, Thika. I heard the conductor asking … Continue reading Pumping.

The Cave

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Everyday is a time to share the message of suicide, of which most cases result from depression among other mental illnesses but this month, more efforts are dedicated towards the same. As we round up this month, it is my hope that at least one more will find a … Continue reading The Cave