A Beginner’s First

There is nothing that hurts worse. Abiding to the do's and don'ts as religiously as it could possibly be done. One day, you wake up and notice whatever you were running away from, has caught up with you. It could be your studies. The results are released and you are holding the bottom, maybe you … Continue reading A Beginner’s First


Not All Thrives

It has often been said that there are two sides of a coin. I believe that those two sides, the head and tail are the tamed parts. When tossed, we continually bet on the landing of either but never the third option. The ignored part gears it to a third possibility, that of rolling away … Continue reading Not All Thrives


As I sat there waiting No, counting minutes I realised it was my own time That was wasting away Waiting No, counting on Someone else Who was Somewhere else With Somebody else Doing Something else.   I had suppressed my dreams Somehow thinking They were not as important Valid even As your own sounded Not … Continue reading Some…Else