The End

Her name pops into my mind anytime anything close to admiration is queried. It is barely a year since I met her but this young lady has constantly made me question what I am doing. Not to compare but in another life, I would want to be as bold as she is.

She is Munira Hussein.

Following closely is Mona Eltahawy. She was introduced to me during a writing workshop after I declared I felt “religion was holding me back”. I am yet to read the title Headscarves and Hymens recommended to me. I think about it every time I am thinking about books. Especially how to get the money for purchase.

It gives me goosebumps as I feel it is going to transform my entire being when I am done with it. Same with Munira’s book which basically taught me that all stories can be told. All these talks of it can be done, you can do it are not enough until you actually see the product of someone who went all out to bring it.

For a weird reason (perhaps not weird at all), my gut feeling has it that the three of us (two of them plus me) are going to change the world. Not necessarily together but in our own little, medium or giant-sized ways. We will go down in history.

This reminds me I still have to write #MyAlwaysExperiece. I spent the better part of last month wanting to write it but the many buts like “Someone already wrote your story” clouded my mind until now. At this point, the ship already sailed and it might not be as impactful as then.

I want to be able to tell my stories unafraid of the consequences. Before the hashtag trended, someone had drilled into my mind that at all costs, using brands in my stories should be shunned. I listened as they have a higher dosage of writing than I have.

My story could thus not be told because how do you differentiate a sanitary towel from a sanitary towel? It was difficult and I made the choice of burying my head in the sand. To come across the “call out” on social media was a pleasant shock and discovery. You can actually say it.

What fascinates me are characters in a complete story. Getting to the end knowing this is what happened to them after all they went through. As you can tell, this only happens in books. We can safely say books charm me with this aspect.

At times I feel as if I hate life. The uncertainty part of it. I am living each day clueless of what is to become of the next. I will be called skeptical. I will be advised to live each and every day as it comes. I wonder, why can’t I already know what will become of me?

I like completes. Even in a story, one is taken through stages of waiting as they build up on the major happenings, I will be told. I know. I still want life to be faster. To know when I will die to do the things I am to do.

What are we waiting for? How much longer till the end of the world? Why do women go through the rigorous process from conception to birth only for us to end up dead? We are basically born to die.

Wouldn’t it be better if we had a timeline to look at? A contract to say this is when your stay on earth expires, how about you move to Venus? This will stop all the hubbub every few years of certain “prophets” emerging announcing the end of the world.

At least a few lives will be saved. Those on hearing the fake prediction, believe it, bundle their property and dig up the very world ending to keep them safe. Or to have “negotiation” talks for the world to give them more time.

As we don’t have any choice but wait for life to happen, I will tame my impatience. I will hold my breath to witness what eventually becomes. Life is a mystery. Like the stories I enjoy reading, I will do what I can in my power to enjoy the ride fully.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. veraomwocha says:

    This is beautiful, and yes the weariness of living can be all that.
    I just hope the universe knows what it’s doing.

    I hope you keep giving yourself permission to write.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Resh says:

      I hope the willingness keeps coming ☺


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