I Let Her Go

I let her go
I let her go even when I felt and knew I shouldn’t
Down that road I had been a couple of times
And a little human touch springed me back
But I saw it fit to rush to my busied life
Leaving her to be consumed
By the flame of hurts.

I let her go
She might be nursing burns
Non-physical wounds hurt
They hurt the most
Worse than what we can see
A part of her might have been destructed
Never to be recovered.

I let her go
We met one afternoon turning evening
I was matching my way to have a rest
After a long tiresome but successful day
She was headed south and I north
I wouldn’t have noticed her, save that she was tall
Were it not for the glassy look in her eyes.

I let her go
For a brief second I contemplated
My mind juggled the possibilities
Would she run, push me away?
For strangers are not perfect
And one trying into a life to pry
Might be a spy.

I let her go
The few seconds meant to pass each other
Passed, was this how our paths cross?
Our eyes met
Mine clear from the blissful day I had
And hers…
Carrying all the sorrow possible in this world.

I let her go
She lingered in my mind the rest of that evening
And the days after
That incident left me questioning my humanity.
I let her go
Even when a million things could have gone wrong in her life
She might have lost her job
She might have been in an emotional spiral
Someone dear to her
Might have left this world for the next…
The list could go on and on.

I let her go
I would have understood
Had I approached her and she rejected me
I would have a claim, I tried
Her eyes still haunt me
They were screaming:
Help Me Please! Comfort Me A Little
Say Something
She wanted me to reach out to her
And try saving her.

But what did I do?


26 thoughts on “I Let Her Go

  1. Rehema, that poem is emphatic, perfect, for a young writer like you. I like it. It’s too good. I had to read it several times. It demonstrates that you have a good language command.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good creativity. The feelings have been brought out well, I found my self shedding tears upon reading this point aloud. Keep on writing more…. For sure poetry is your work.


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