Live, Protect, Live

It is the eve of Valentine’s Day. Halt, don’t go anywhere. This is not among the many pieces contributing to the statistics of praising love. The month of love starring a day of love, 14th February.

A less celebrated day sits. Desolate as those who know of its existence, are not enough. Everyone wants to rush to mid February, to source for and give Love. We are busy plotting our dates and pressing our red costumes.

What we seem to forget is that love does not ail us, HIV and AIDS does. Love only kills the few who get murderous when dumped. Or those who cannot take cheating hivi hivi. Marriage arrangements or not.

The 13th of February is the International Condoms Day. You are right. The condom distribution that happens is to cover the great deal of sex that happens on the said Lovers’ Day. Incidentally the very next day!

Kenyatta University, main campus hosted an event to commemorate this day. A lot was learned and what was in plenty were Condoms. Both male and female as well as various brands and practical demonstrations of the appropriate use of these products.

Many students crammed the halls to learn more about the contraceptive that is most available to them. Entertainment and refreshments were among the programmed activities for the attendees to enjoy.

The theme of the day, Always in Fashion. As young people we were advised to turn up the swag by reducing the risk we are exposed to by using condoms. The emphasis was on the consistent and correct use of condoms.

The promise to eliminate the spread of HIV spread lies with the youth. We are the interest group globally and to achieve any of the goals set, we have to be intergrated fully. The youth as statistics suggest, suffer from new infections than any other group.

More information dispensed to the youth is aimed to empower us in making better choices in our sexual lives. You can’t say you were not informed. Spread the word: Condomise, Don’t Compromise.

I was hanging around the venue later on in the day when a group of four guys showed up. They were searching for the venue and hopefully leave with a few packets of condoms.

The lady staff who they sought this information from told them that the event was way done (2 hours late). I don’t blame them for thinking that such an event was ideally in the evening or better yet, would run for longer.

They looked disappointed as they turned to go. One asked the lady where they could find the condoms.

Hizo ni nini unauliza? Walikuwa wakipeana hapa mchana yote. Nitajuaje zinapatikana wapi? (Why are you asking me about that? They were distributing all afternoon. How am I to know where they are?)” she retorted.

Tunaulizia tu. Sisi hutumia kujiprotect (We are asking as we use them to protect ourselves),” the young man replied.

Then she did it. You should have seen her. Either in a hurry to rush home or flee from the ‘immoral upcoming men’ crowding her with questions that made her uncomfortable, she shouted,

Ai, wengine wetu tuko na mabwana (Some of us have husbands)!” Off she went, to her man I presumed.

Unbelievable! Before my jaw could drop, I intervened and tapped the young man who had initiated the conversation. I offered some of the packets of condoms I had (an entire box) and they were thankful.

That brief incident left me wondering where we are headed as a country. Are people still this ignorant about sex education? Is there actual stigma against condom use in 2018?

What happens to those that woman and others of her kind happen to interact with? The poison that condoms are only used by a certain group of people, the immoral, in the society will kill us.

There is much to be done even with the milestones achieved. A lot of antidote to be shared. Don’t you think?




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  1. Hi,am happy to to include you here for this award. I nominated you for the mystery blogger award. Here is the link to check the procedure


    Peace and Love

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  2. Hi, am happy to to include you here for this award. I nominated you for the mystery blogger award. Here is the link to check the procedure


    Peace and Love

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      1. You welcome miss resh


  3. Melchi Asuma says:

    I just nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award.
    “Thank you”
    “You are welcome”
    Now go check it out😂
    Great post as always

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  4. lolyneongeri says:

    Hello there, just nominated you for the sunshine blogger awards. Click here for more details.

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    1. Hey, I will find time to answer the questions
      I’m honoured 😊


      1. lolyneongeri says:

        Always welcome. 😊😊

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  5. mic-pancake says:

    Yes, a lot remains to be done


  6. Marion Njeri says:

    I was in attendance that day. It’s funny how people view things because a friend of mine would not carry them openly. He wanted a bag or a sweater to hide with.

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    1. 😂😂
      At least he took them
      I was at a condom stand later and some people did not even want to look at us
      They wanted to run!


      1. Marion Njeri says:

        That’s sad. But you never know, perhaps they are believers

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  7. Educative stuff…. We need to end condom stigmatization

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    1. We do need to. Very fast


  8. vinkythapoet. says:

    I love this Rehema

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  9. M.Akuwam. says:

    It still is…but i think its brought about by christianity against reality.
    A person with a strong spiritual view will be more comfortable telling the youth to abstain, cause encouraging them to use condoms is promoting unacceptable sexual behaviour before marriage.
    It is like bending God’s rule to fit our lifestyle today. I can pretty much understand the lady here.
    On the other hand , her statement about being married does not mean she cannot use condoms, from that view…well ,i see the point; the ignorance.
    And i don’t agree that it is the ideology around condom use that will kill us, not at all, it is the lifestyle we choose that will kill us..tuambiane ukweli.

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    1. It is true. But we should look at it from the angle that a higher percentage of the youth have refused to abstain and therefore, preaching that will not solve the situation at hand. Condom use is being popularized because whether we want to admit it or not, our youth are having sex and tonnes of it. We can aid them by guiding them to safer sexual practices all the while hoping and praying that they will choose abstinence over exploration.

      The truth MUST be told.


  10. I think the stigma is still there especially among the young

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    1. It is sad and we should aim to eliminate it. It’s bad enough engaging in sexual activities but to be shamed while doing it, horrendous!

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