The Thrill of The Chase

It must be a mother’s worst nightmare. A father might be proud. His breed doing wonders in similar lands to his origin. Encourage or be the man behind the strategy. Who am I kidding? Very few fathers would do this in Kenya.

They would be all up in defence blaming the mother for “womanning” their little man. She must have been the cause for all he ever did was show him how to be a man. Pushing him to be one. Didn’t he?

Let us call our subject Brian. Brian is a son, nephew, grandchild, student, friend, music junkie and bhang addict. He would scrape that and put weed in its place. It sounds less lethal.

Brian because it’s the only male name I can come up with. I also want parents to resist renaming their kids Brian in future. It’s been overstretched. I know more Brians than I can handle.

My eyes are set on Brian. It’s not because he has looks you can stare at all day (giggles). It was not even his ability to connect with me on a totally different level or the simple things he says that keep me laughing.

He had just given me a power hug. Yes, those that rejuvenate me. I know that doesn’t explain why I was watching him but I’m glad I was. He is not one to sit still.

In the large room we were in, he moved from our side and walked up to a girl dressed in neon colours. He bent slightly to whisper something in her right ear. He walked out after. She obviously had tactics of her own.

A few seconds later, she followed suit. Some of us who knew him too well shook our heads, not in disbelief but affirmation. The rest of the crowd might have thought they had sought a quieter place for their ‘conversation’.

Fifteen or so minutes, they were back. She walked to her seat and he slumped in his. Is it me or was that enough time for a quickie? If they are the sloppy kind who don’t believe in foreplay, they will call it sex.

That is a typical night of his. A girl a day (night rather) keeps the dry spell away.

Brian is proud of his sexual innuendos. Hardly does he come out of any party or meet up without a girl. He is the ladies man. Best part of the deal being he is not committed. No girlfriend, no children yet.

We are all crowded in a noisy room. Me, Brian and several others. Conquests are being bragged about. Already, we have listened to the tale of a girl who almost agreed to a threesome, another who kept wanting more.

The rest either had “mashimo” or didn’t savour the sweetness of the sugarcane as much as their “partners” anticipated. For they didn’t hear their names being screamed. Up next, was the man of the hour.

“She was feeling the dick! All through she was clutching onto me like I held the supply to her oxygen. She was really digging her nails into me (demonstrating with his hands and body).”

“The bonus being she didn’t ask for a Condom. I hit it raw!”

Applause. A loud applause. Taps on the back. He did it! It was quite hard to get it skin to skin with a campus girl. She must have been too high to demand the use of contraception, in this case, of a one night stand.

I looked at the boys. Wow. It was the girl’s duty to remind you to wear rubber? What if your pull out game failed during one of the rounds?

One or two were concerned that some juice might have spilled and the ingredients were making way to fuse with the eggs. Or the genuine information they required provision of was how big his balls were.

“Naah. My pull out game strong (flexing his barely visible bisceps). I made it rain. Anyway, I’m sure she knows how to take care of herself.”

“Lakini jichunge bro. (Take care of yourself, bro).” One of the listeners commented amidst the praises.

Brothers indeed. I would have said something were it not for the fear of being singled out as the only with a protruding chest. I was certain the conversation wouldn’t have been this candid. They probably thought I wasn’t paying attention to their escapades.

A dismissal. My mind flashed images of a single mother. This is how it goes? Brian could hardly make a father. His being between the thighs can hardly be explained by the “need of men wanting to spread their seed.”

Why would he need to smear it all over then abandon it? Brian is your classic hit and quit it guy. She must know even when we are fucking, I don’t need her. A man’s level of excitement is while he is in pursuit.

Men are dominated and motivated by their immediate needs. They will use deception to get what they want. They also forget very fast.

As you are romping, he will promise to put a ring on it and as you thrive in the moment, he is ejaculating. You make yourself comfortable on his chest, planning out the wedding scene in your head.

As you dress up, you ask him about it. Say a beach wedding please, beach wedding. Fingers are firmly crossed.

“What wedding?”

Your constant efforts to explain when, where and how he said it, in no way refresh his satisfied self. That was a good marathon, he is performing gymnastics internally as he stares at you looking like he is selecting memories.

He would love to make you one of his whores on speed dial but you get attached easily. He has decided. This is where the race ends for both of you.

He is thinking when next his pipe will rest in the warm solace of the hidden honey pot. No sister, not yours. You have been marked as Mission Accomplished.


40 thoughts on “The Thrill of The Chase

  1. Wow, you nailed it. I mean the other nailing, not this nailing. You know what, never mind, you get it. Awesome! Amazing! I usually combine awesome and amazing to get amazeballs but girl, that was the I mean *sigh* No words. Am I allowed to say Igweeeeee? You know what, what the heck, Igweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Al stop there coz my throat hurts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I do get what you mean😂😂
      I combine awesome and amazing to come up with awesomazing. That gotta say the message. We all have our ways though.

      I’m waiting for the book (you know the one).
      I’m very much honoured. Thank you Lolyne😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. *Claps* You go, girl! How true this is! It should serve as a warning to our young girls. They should never think “bomb pussy” keeps a man. Hell naw! The Brians out there are way too many & way too eager to get their way.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the piece. I think ladies should not be so quick in planning wedding and everything. I sincerely don’t like those topics when brought up so quick.
    But am not Brian

    Liked by 1 person

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