The Other Woman

It seems I am destined towards abusive relationships. It might be flowing from the genes my mother transferred to me during conception. I walked out from one where physical fights were the order of the day right into another one with a different twist of things. Contrary to what you might think, this second relationship has no physical abuse. It is merely psychological. It is the worst. We don’t recognize emotionally abusive relationships as they are harder to report. People would want physical evidence which is harder to provide in this case. Hence the victims continue bottling up all the abuse and the stories are harder to come out.
Men are like children we are told. They act like it hence they are rightfully branded so. Of the few characteristic traits I own, the best happen to be jealousy and vengeance. Let us call them vices. They are highly activated at the moment because I, just like any other woman, does not know what to do.
When you are a keeper and no one knows how to keep you, it gets tough. You keep them, they don’t keep you. You get hurt, anger then stems in and before you know it, a suicide, homicide or murder has been committed. In matters of relationships, things get ugly fast, faster than light travels.
The other woman is his ex. Her name is Mercy. I know that she is the one he would want to marry. Why else would he keep open the tabs of communication between them? He does not treat me the way he treated her or treats her.

Oh well, he was new in the game at that time. We have had this conversation an uncountable number of times. The first couple of times tears flowed. And on his knees he went with “baby baby”. Over time, I hardened, there are no tears anymore. A little hurting sound in my voice was all he got the last time we ‘re-talked’ which wasn’t so many days back.

I don’t want you talking to her.
But we are just friends..

Empty promises. That is all he offers. He says he is not doing anything wrong which we both know is theoretical.
She texted me first. I only love you.

Yet, in his gallery pictures of girls lie in a symmetrical order. None of mine appear. Only of the other woman.

You have a beautiful smile.
You are really pretty.

In the DMs he slides in,
Hey, mambo.. Can I please have your number?

Petty excuses because he thinks he has an innocent face to go along with the mischief. He should be having female friends, I shouldn’t deny him that, he always backs himself up.

Back to MK, the other woman. She texts him at night. She tells him she is having problems with her boyfriend (crying emoji). The dummy on this other end tells her he is there for her. Everything will be okay even though she refuses to mention the exact problem. The comforting session goes on for quite a while. As they close off the chat, she tells him he is a good guy. I laugh at that.

In another session, she tells him how hard her long hair is to comb (extentions). Another laugh stiffles from me.

They plan meet ups. I wonder if they are both retarded and do not understand the clear meaning of a break up. As I said earlier though, she is the girl he wants to marry. I’m a mere game to him.

Mee Katie, the other woman next to Mercy. As I gather, she came first or so does Mr Man here say. She is a high school student. She is finishing her form four either this year or the next. They live around the same area, Umoja and their residence “umojanified” them.

He asks her whether she still loves him. The girl is reluctant on the response but like with the girls on IG, he pushes on. Someone beside me must be attracted to him out there. He is going to find out. When I ask why they are still communicating, she texted me first is his trained lie.

The other woman is saved as Wambui IG. From her, I received a blow I never thought would hit me. He was asking her to have a sex chat with him. She said she doesn’t know how to go about it, probably out of modesty. He said he would teach her. The girl again said no. When I confronted him, he apologized. Apparently he slipped.

Head in my hands, I was ashamed of what ‘my man’ is doing behind my back. I called things off. He begged and begged and since I am the miss-two-goody-shoes, I took him back in the hope that he would change. If anything he is getting worse. He knows, I will always be around.

Another year starts out for you today, I’m not hoping you would change, do you completely. Have a long life im order to get the chance of dating both Mercy and Katie all over again. That is your plan, isn’t it? To get the other woman besides me?

Happy Birthday Robinson! 😕



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  1. That guy is a boy. Not a man 😤. Flee from him ASAP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Resh says:

      A small boy! Oh I did


  2. opiyoaustin says:

    Resh is this real?. i would advise that you let the guy go and you be at peace but at least you have learned. Personally i think our society has high expectation on men,we raising a society that expect men not to cry coz you will be considered weak. As man you are not expected to fail nor fall be it in a relationship set up,family and even at work

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carole says:

    My favourite😊
    I’m not sure if we’re supposed to comment here or not😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂
      I don’t understand why you all like this


  4. In your heart, you already know the answer. But do you accept it to be your reality? What do you believe you deserve? A life of always crying & wondering or a life where you will cry a little but finally experience what is truly the light at the end of the tunnel?
    I wish you luck *BIG hugs*

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    1. Thank you, I’ll think about it


  5. Ricky Nderitu says:

    this always happens but its good to learn from experiences i hope you do

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  6. Peter Juma says:

    Oh my sweet summer child😢

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  7. Lau says:

    Babes… As you always say…stop chasing after a relationship.
    It’s your turn to take your own advice. 😯

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  8. Is this creativity dear, or reality. I walked out of my mess too, it was too dirty to cleanse

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is real. I don’t know if mine will cleanse out but we’ll see


  9. nastehafarah says:

    Why are you still around?..girl I think you should leave his ass,he’s not worth it!

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    1. That is what I should do

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