The Female Gaze

​It’s a man’s world. Look at it this way. The man was created first then the woman apparently came from one of his ribs. Somewhere in the story, the woman led the man to commit sin and out of the precious garden they were chased. We all know the story and the chatacters, I don’t want to contribute in making it cliché. In the process the man realized that the woman is to be keenly watched if they were to continue living in the new habitat they landed on. For me that is as back as submission can be traced. The man became in charge to keep tabs on her.
The woman obliged. History shows evidence of very few women who were strong influences in the society. I don’t blame her, she literally had to fight for every little thing, including her rights. Nothing came easy. Centuries passed and then she decided no more. She had had enough. The phrase What a Man Can Do a Woman Can Do Better was born. Gender equity organizations were started. The unending battle began. Chauvinistic tendencies were going to be plumbed out.
The woman took up jobs previously labelled as the man’s. She rose up to become the leader and the man’s ranting trying to stop her didn’t bring her down. She pushed further.
For the longest time, it has been the man checking out the woman. Her assets. What she possesses in plenty and what she has on the lesser side. These are used to determine a woman’s beauty. This is where the woman goes wrong. She thinks it’s the face painted in all forms of colours arraigned in the rainbow format that catches the spying eye. She skillfully takes an hour every day or more for the beginner to get it all right. There should be no smudging and therefore waterproof products are preferable.
The man skips the face and jumps to the chest. Damn! She’s well endowed there and when she passes by, he cranes his neck to check out the behind particulars, he high fives his homie and becomes a Maasai moran his feet hardly touching the ground. He wants to tap that. He whistles in effect to reduce the testosterone already pumping.
The campus man spends his evenings analyzing the hottest chillez in his class and the next. I couldn’t help overhearing two of them giving a Sheila credits.
Ulicheki ile dress Sheila alikuwa amevaa leo daro? Waa, aliweza. Kumbe ana figure tamu hivyo..
I almost lost my way eavesdropping on that juicy dialogue. Sheila mami wherever you are, keep wearing that dress.
What do women look for in a man? I can promise you it isn’t the body build of kina Batista (this gets us drooling though 😝😝). It could be the beard because I definitely search for that. Every man wants to be smooth skinned, joining the queues at spas and beauty shops (SMH). Mwanaume ni ngozi ngumu! 
Introducing the female gaze. Women are done with being on the receiving end of bad sex. They are checking out your junk. Yes, yours.
Women now sit in committees, big ones either formed from friendship or business deals and discuss who has the tiniest and giant of them all. They laugh, offer nick names and compete to get the giant dick magic. They go behind each other’s backs and cheat with their best friend’s man because he owns the cucumber sized apparatus. Those kind enough to their friends have threesomes occasionally. It is not just sex anymore. It is about who is feeding from the largest branch. Branches stem from roots hence the ladies going for the fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers too if they are alive. You have to get it all.
The ‘penial issue’ has gotten so serious that brides now order male strippers for their bachelorette parties. If you are going to be stuck with a little willy in marriage then you better enjoy what’s on the market before the wedding night.
This is how to go about the female gaze (I’ve just been introduced myself I’m sorry if it isn’t much to go with. Hehe), you look up at the man then travel down. The same way they do. Only you don’t go all the way to the legs, your final destination is at the zipper. Once you have made your stop, stare, strip him naked with those fake eyelashes. All along he will be thinking you are blushing but you are deciding whether or not you can handle the X, XX or XL you have discovered. The trick is on the size of the bulge. Finally make a report to the girls.
 Nudes can be deceiving, how are you to know if he zoomed it before pressing send? There are all kinds of camera apps out there out there.. You can never be too sure.
Women have gone out of their way to undergo all kinds of surgical procedures to get men to notice them. From boob to booty implants. The tables have turned. Women don’t want the abs and hard muscles, they want their beds rocked. And what better way than having a huge junk? It is time to invest in adding more material to that dudu, whether in length or width. You know where your trouble lies down south. Be the game changer.

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  1. Bonnie Lukunza says:

    Hehe l literally can’t stop laughing….l like the sense of humor per every bit.

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  2. timdaboss says:

    Thanks for the heads up
    Skuizi boy child hayuko safe😂😂

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  3. nastehafarah says:

    😂😂 my oh my…well this was fun to read😂

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    1. 😂😂come back for more


  4. Ricky Nderitu says:

    🤣🤣ooh my

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  5. Vitaly says:

    Both parties saved well miss…#Game_Changer_Mood_Activated😂😂😂🤗😇

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    1. 😂😂😂😂😂great to hear


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