I miss him dearly!


Short post.. 

My mother has many friends. I’ve always convinced myself of this until I realized that they were actually drinking buddies. The few actual friends that have stayed on over the years aren’t many. I can’t count them on both hands. Those who stay on in your life in whatever situation are the real friends and they come in the fewest numbers. If you are lucky to have any at all.
One of her friend’s happened to have her nephew staying with her. I visited her home a few times and we ended up as friends. While my mother and his aunt drunk their lives away, we watched movies, cooked (he did most of it being the elder one, that coupled with my lack of culinary skills, I left him no choice really😂😂), we shared jokes, memories and experiences. With us were his cousins whom we dragged along in all our endeavours.
My mum once asked me if he had ever touched me. I didn’t want to answer her. What was she expecting leaving me to spend days and even some nights at their place? I replied in the negative. She asked again and asked me to tell her the truth, it was still a resounding No. In truth, he had asked me to be his girlfriend and I had told him I have a boyfriend. He said he had known that would be the answer I would give. I didn’t say anything. Those were my player days and I wasn’t up to adding another guy in the mix.
To my surprise, unlike any other guys I’ve met who take it as a competition to win you over to them or simply brush you off, Peter Kamau said something that I’ll never forget. He told me that from that moment henceforth, I would be his sister and him my brother. We were a family now. I was sure it wouldn’t last too long. Kamau would either get back to the non-family kind of love or disappear from my life.

I have two half blood brothers, one is 10 years younger than me and the other was literally just born. You could call him mine. I have a son. He is heading to 3 years next year. I haven’t seen both of them in some time. One belongs to my father and the other to my mother. Blood is thicker than water they say. Yes, they’ve said so many things that we worship. Oh, the great minds of our departed ancestors! But for me, family is family. Blood or not. On to my non-blood related brother..
7 years later, he is still around. He introduces me to everyone as his sister. He supports me financially when I’m broke. He advises me. He encourages me to work hard in school. Life gives us what we wants. I always wanted a big brother and I got the best. There was a day I told mum that Kamau had said hi. Having fallen out with his aunt, I had to go through all the phases of refreshing a memory. She finally remembered him. She was surprised we still communicate.
You must be asking yourself what my brother gains from me in being her sister. I know, we have commercialized everything and relations too haven’t been exempted. We must make money in this do-me I-do-you era. Have you heard of the for hire wives and husbands? Money speaks volumes. You can buy happiness now. Visit your nearest stores for the same 😂😂.
He calls me and asks me advice on what to do with his girlfriend, Elizabeth. I don’t know why or when people around me branded me a relationships expert. I suck at my own and though I have the experience in handy, I simply don’t find it easy to tell someone what to do. Eliza is treating him like an ATM machine. She had been sick and he had settled her hospital bill, never mind that she is from a wealthy and able family. He had received a call in which she proceeded to tell him she needed 3k to buy a dress. Bro was furious as he had explained to her, he needs more time as the bill had left a dent in his quite deep pockets.
I told him to leave her. Block her so that he isn’t pestered with these gold digging Nairobi ladies. We went on to talk about other things. Eliza is still present in his love life. Why did he even ask?
It hasn’t been very long since Kamau joined the Army training. I had been trying to reach him on his number but he was unavailable. One Saturday evening as we had just finished having Iftar during Ramadhan, he called me. He then let me know that he had decided to train in Nyeri. It was so abrupt for me although he had mentioned it severally before.
That was the last time I talked to him. I thought we would always be catching up on weekends. I miss him.
I hear the training takes one and a half years. I’m counting days but each seems like a month.

Anyone with connections in the army? I need to make a call, pass a message.. I’ll even write a letter.


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