Throw Back Thursday!


Bring it back like TBT. It should be noted that there are just bits of recollections here and there. Not so much of being taken back. 

If you have ever heard or happened to listen to Professor Jay then you know how good music really sounds. Writing this, I’ve just heard two of his songs. His music is so good. I kinda grew up listening to him in the early sets of this 21st century. He is now an MP in our neighbouring country, Tanzania, where he hails. My second home. Not many people fancy Bongo music. I think everyone should. It speaks volumes. It gives you reality of the African world. Try it sometime.

I’m travelling. As I look out the windows I see so many trees. There are always so many trees when you are on the road, mostly long distance. When you are in that town though you hardly see as many. It makes me wonder. I remember as a kid, I would point out to my dad that our bus was racing with the trees. Only that we were leaving the trees behind. And everytime we travelled, I was perched on the window screeching at the top of my voice that the trees should fasten their pace. Dumb. Years later, I grew up.

Whenever I’m travelling I still choose the seat by the window. If there is something I’m hoping to see then it hasn’t appeared yet. I won’t lie that I am one much fascinated by nature. I didn’t even like green till I learned the fact that it boosts your creativity if you constantly look at it. I have never planted a single tree or plant for that matter. I hear of the late Wangari Maathai and salute with respect. I might not see anything extra in nature like she did but I conserve the environment. Energy is my specialty. Switching off light bulbs not in use, turning off running water taps. I like saving. I call myself an economist.

Papi(my Brian) on hearing I’m on the road again said I should start a Travel diaries of some sort. He was keen to add that I would need a camera to document the fun parts of my travels. For a moment that idea was sipped in my brain then I coughed it out. I like being to new lands yes but do I love travelling? I was reading the Saturday magazine and as I read through the travel diaries section, I knew it wasn’t cut out for me.

I ensured I was all packed before the journey, my ‘starter pack’ which consisted of phone charger, earphones and an updated playlist. All set. I convinced myself I was ready. Dead wrong I was proved throughout my journey. At first I was horrified when almost the entire bus was occupied by high school girls, uniformed. One had her seat next to mine but she was wise to flip with some guy. They were bobbing up and down the corridor in loud chatter on various issues. That was before we were set to leave. It continued even after we did.

High school kids, I thought silently as I rolled my eyes.

They talked about instagram. Videos they watched on YouTube. That boy who likes them from that school. One went on to give details of how one boy had that voice to die for. When he called her, she could barely speak. The voice was too good. I listened keenly. These must be hormones acting up. The psychologist in me thought. It was an all girls school after all. I’ve heard of these stories. Narrated them myself to my eager friends back then. Another went on to say how she had over 150 unapproved friend requests on Facebook. Wow! I wanted to show her my Facebook, I could have instagram right now if I wanted. Their bragging rights were louder than mine.

There is this one at the back who was describing how cool the new Whatsapp is. How long have they been in school kwani? Or wait, is it me who isn’t up to date? She also said it was free. I immediately wanted to jump from my seat to hers for this juicy detail. I like free things. Don’t you?

In the midst of all these conversations, I had 3-4 naps. I texted some of my friends that I hated travelling. Truth is these girls were making me wish I had that uniform on. I wanted to have someone talk to me. My playlist was long forgotten. I didn’t want to listen to lyrics and sweet nothings, I wanted to have discussions too. I don’t care if it would sound like some competition. I would be lively. My ‘starter pack’ had failed me.

It was the strategy that needed changing.

I should stop having solo travels. My phone isn’t offering me the company I need. Can’t seem to do much with this (waves phone). I dread talking to new people, unless of course they take the initiative to talk to me first.

That was Sunday.

Today I talked to a fellow passenger in the supermarket😂😂 We were both there to purchase munchies, the journey is that long. She went on to express how the items were too expensive. I looked around hoping she was addressing someone else. She was talking to me. Me!! I decided it wouldn’t kill me to answer her and we discussed how the prices were too much. Can you believe the 6-piece queen cakes going for 200? I was dismayed. I’m a lover of cake and I know that price range is near the double.

I walked off with some biscuits that I know very well go for 30 shillings but paid 50.

Nitakula nikifika Nairobi.

I’m supposed to attend Writers Ekklesia at the Nairobi National Museum tomorrow from 2pm. I have procrastinated since I knew of its existence. I have decided no more. I have to go. See with my own two eyes. I’m pretty excited. I hope to meet so many people and do some kind of networking. I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes.

See you there😊


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  1. nastehafarah says:

    How can you not love traveling 🤦🏻‍♀️..
    The story of you at the bus with your dad when you were young..hilarious!!😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 I don’t like travelling alone


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