Believer of Fate

Honestly, I didn’t want to write today. I had planned for it jana usiku as I spent the night online, chatting and being cool but then today unveiled itself differently. I’m few of those who wherever they go, the socket is miles from their beds or where they rest for the night. All the damn time! It happens to me. I swallow it hard and say it’s okay, but I know it’s not. How can it be? That is exactly what happened yesterday night. After spending almost all my battery percentage I slept, soundly at that. My phone beside me on the pillow. We are that close.

I felt myself at around 8:30 am. I’m an early riser alright but today was one of those days. You are not allowed to judge. Rather I think I’m growing old and this staying up till late is taking a toll on me. (Hint hint! I need to be whisked off in marriage and start a family. The beautiful ones? We were already born!) Like the sensible girl I am, I ran to plug in my phone, then at 13% and back to bed to snuggle self. To my shock and dismay, KPLC decided to teach me my lesson. I should really move beds nearer to the socket. That’s what I should do. They hadn’t warned me.

Oh well, I did the morning things and sat down to an episode of Jane the virgin. Then another. And yet another. On my phone. I wanted it to go off. I can fight a battle, I’ll show you. It overpowered me. It was not until around 2pm that it decided to lose to me. I even played Sudoku today and it was so hard. I need more practice. What have I been doing my whole life? I should be challenging myself more often. I have decided Sudoku is the way to go. I hate Maths but I sure can play around with numbers. That is why writing went off for me this Tuesday, my favourite Day of the week must I mention. Let’s focus on an alphabet a little bit. Cheer me up, because I love words.

F. That’s our letter. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I know I said my Math is bad but I was counting it as the fifth letter in the circle of 26. This was until I actually recited them out loud. Aah, …E for Elephant or were you taught Egg? Why this letter was skipping my left hemisphere of the brain(I hope this is it 😂😂). It’s time I got back to my books. But again Biology isn’t my favourite either. I just love words. F for Fish. If my memory section isn’t playing tricks on me in form of embarrassment, that’s how me and my first classmates were taught. By a female motherly figure. Oh, sweet nursery life!

F is for Fate. In my world. Or I have just embraced it better than others.

I remember my high school days quite well. Mostly my English lessons with my class teacher. He was a chauvinist. And with that characteristic, debates never failed to ensue with us his students. He build me. We barely completed the syllabus, we were debating. As a man in a class full of girls, he knew that we needed more than the basic rules of grammar to make it in life. His debates moulded me and I know that is the case for most of my former classmates as well. It was an opportunity for us to vent and freely express ourselves. All of us in that classroom could have been assigned different classes but we landed in that very one. For 4 good years. It is not seletion. Fate.

I was having a difficult time choosing my final high school (national category) during the applications. My class teacher at the time stepped in and suggested a school for me. I had never heard of it. I wasn’t really in to research as I believe in the word-of-mouth spirit. As a carefree girl just in her adolescence, I wrote it down and skipped away. It was done. As exemplary as my results were, only one school sent in their request for me. The one I hadn’t given much thought. My dream school would remain only that. Fate took me to the high school I knew nothing of and classmates I never thought existed.

Four good years later, I was applying again. This time for a university that would accommodate my dreams and send me off into the work force as an extra productive individual. I knew what I wanted. I’m a go-getter. Moreover, I knew where I wanted to get it from. It’s as if my whole life had been planned ahead for me. I could see it so vividly. And it made me happy.

The replies came in. I got admitted. But this is not what I chose? How could they do this to me? Why does it happen every time? Does anyone else feel how I feel? Why are they so inconsiderate?

I know, it’s time I stopped dreaming. Fate has branded my life. As I queued behind the thousands of others on the registration day, I figured fate is with me to stay. I have decided that I won’t make lemonade when life gives me lemons, I will squeeze them lemons into my eyes if they will give me better vision. Stronger eyesight. The journey is long and soberness of the eyes is important. Silly?

One way or the other, I know my dreams will still be achieved. By Me. Fate is making me stronger and I won’t make it my enemy. It will walk me through its plan then right after I’ll show Fate how my road is better. Don’t always defy, understand sometimes. Positivity is what I preach.

KPLC might have been fixing some loose wires for all I know. I won’t blame them for making my day miserable. Something good came out today. I found Sudoku. And that is FATE.

But what if all this is Destiny?


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  1. Kevin says:

    Love this Rehema

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mystery says:

    This one met and liked you.. is it fate??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol.. Let’s think Destiny 😝😝


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