The 8th of August


I was in my father’s office earlier today and met his colleague, in this case his best friend as well. We were ‘catching up’ as he constantly asked if I remembered him as it has been a while and like everyone of my parents’ friends, he has seen me grow over the years. The chat continued and then he threw in the question I dreaded the most. It’s not anything about marriage if you’ve gone there already. “Are you going to vote in the coming August elections? ”

I looked at him closely as I hadn’t anticipated that question and for a moment there I felt like a non-citizen. Does it make me unpatriotic simply because I don’t have the voter’s registration card, popular as ‘kura’? Besides I have never been one to fancy politics though I would really like to live in a peaceful democratic country. And yes I now regret not having my ‘Kura’ as expected of me now that I’m of ‘age’.

I was inspired by the young man who is now a national hero for being the only running mate to show up and participate in the debate for potential deputies of Mr President. It was a one man show that took many young people as well as the old to social media platforms to discuss his act of bravery. Young people are rising up and seeing their role in nation building and so did I just yesternight.

Yes, yes I’ve constantly listened to the ‘if you want change then you should cast your vote’. I hate disappointments and previously I didn’t see the point of waking up early or even camp at the stations just to be able to cast a vote. I have learnt to accept that we’ll always be led by those who don’t deserve the top positions. Power they say can do it all for you.

Three or so weeks left to the general election and even though the message of peace has been preached day in day out, I can’t help be afraid. Unlike the 2013 elections held immediately after the 2007 Post Election Violence. This time I feel different, insecure mostly about the event to happen on 8th of August. The campaigns are more intense, the tension as well. 10 years is a long time or a short one depending on where you have been when the counting started. And that is why I’m afraid, I’m cowered in fear of what is to come.

From the ECK to IEBC the body that now governs elections. 8 presidential candidates to battle it out on the 8th of August. What many of don’t know is that for us Kenyans, the eighth month spells doom for us. Many great leaders have passed away in this month including our very own first president of the republic, the late mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Don’t forget the Bomblast as well. All records of history spell August as an unfortunate month for us Kenyans. But then we have elections and that is why I’m afraid.

However, I’m following debates organized by various media houses in the country and few of the rallies that are spreading the political vibe. Everyone is for peace and I do hope it comes to pass. It is high time Kenya as a country goes back to its place as among the most peaceful nations of the world. We hosted the IAAF championships just the other week, it was a successful event but some countries had pulled out well in advance in fear of their security. I’m sure as they watched from their respective countries, they regretted their earlier decision not to participate. The competition turned out well and there were no misfortunate happenings and if we can maintain peace for other nationalities then why not for us, our own people?

#IstandforPeaceIstandforKenya. I’m looking forward to an amazing elections as Kenyans line up to implement their decisions. A change in the leadership, a chance at better living. As I had mentioned earlier I won’t be taking part in my democratic right this year but come 2022 if God wills me to be alive, I will meet you at the ballot!


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