The Walk of Shame


We have all had this walk whereby you couldn’t look in the face of anyone as you expect judgement, your ultimate end. Some of you are probably shaking your heads very violently in defense that they haven’t had to down this walk. Again society has branded a simple term that could be used on everyone and executed it on a particular group leaving the rest out of the box.

“I have never been to a man’s/ woman’s house for a one night stand! How could I have had the walk of shame? ” I’ll tell you how but first let’s have a sit down on the walk of shame meaning. It is a title of a movie that came out not so many years ago and the lady in the movie who was a journalist, had a very long walk of shame. It all started from her friends’ insistence so let’s beware of these nights out with some of our friends. That amazing night out might cause you regrets later, just be cautious lakini for all your monies worth, get out there and spend that mulla.

Before I begin to sound like I’m reviewing a movie I barely remember, what went down is she eventually landed a mate for the night and well the walk definitely followed. Most of us take it to only be the lady who should be ashamed after a roving night with a stranger or an ex, it doesn’t really matter. But if you a man is ‘chips fungwad’ by a woman then you should be ashamed and take that tale to the grave with you. No one wants to hear of a man’s failure attempt in the jungle.

My walk of shame, though I have had so many more, was when my menstrual cycle decided to not only let me know but alert everyone else in my surroundings that I am a woman. It was a night like every other and we were having night preps back in primary school where I was a boarding student. My chit chat mouth was caught by the teacher present that night and she asked me to go to the back of the class. And there ladies and gentlemen, I stood facing her while my classmates got a look at the red stain on my white skirt that they knew too well wasn’t tomato sauce.

A friend saved me more trauma as she broke the news to both me and my punisher. It was a story that lived to the next day and the other. Please female counterparts, don’t don white garments if you haven’t been “dawned” on. Being a particular bright student, I watched some of my not so lucky mates have their walks usually accompanied by caning. They got it good. No one liked to be called to the board to solve a sum especially ones you had no clue on. After completing the abracadabra and looked at the teacher for approval who usually let out a witty comment about you that was totally degrading, you would bow and slowly take your seat. Everyone else is up in laughter. Shamed.

High school was no better experience for those who fancied themselves a chance at “funkies”. I personally didn’t and I’m grateful to my school for that though a little angry that I didn’t get to experience the ‘epitome’ of high school. A friend of mine told me of his encounter with the female kind when he was just a ‘mono’.

Their school being the host of the Science Congress that year, him and his fellow beginners decided they could talk to the ‘fly chics’ from you know ‘those schools’. After walking by the girls around six or more times and the mission proving impossible, he decided he had the balls for this particular conquest. He walked up to them and minus the up-down examination he must have received and rolling of the eyes, they laughed at him and drove him away. His troop had fallen back long ago. He like a solo soldier, defeated went back to his camp.

Your walk of shame could be that time when you were two and you would wet yourself amidst visitors but being the angel back then, your caregiver did it did it for you. It is high time we know that all these moments we coin embarrassing are our walks of shame. They don’t have to be socially acceptable but when you are done with that particular walk, you are sure to come out a more learned wise individual. That’s all.


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  1. Samuel thuku says:

    All of them….I feel them and nalearn pia…bt for the THREE in
    1.Am addicted to you
    2.The female gaze
    3.Can I interest u in a hug


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