JULY Goals or Resolutions?


For as long as I can remember, you can only redefine yourself if the new year is around the corner. That is what has been outlined for us and like the slaves we are we submit to the rules. It is not a bad idea but why should you wait all year to cut that weight or get out of the shitty relationship? Better yet start your own enterprise, follow your passions and say goodbye to employment and the suit and tie that do you no good apart from getting you all sweaty and clammy? Why would a sane human keep waiting yet you are not even certain of hitting the next year? Er is to to man, we will defend selves. But no more for me.

I love July! First I was born on the beginning of the month and I doubt there is anyone on planet earth that loves this month better than I. It is cold in Kenya and everyone is all about finding the warmth  but I can’t help but marvel how it is I survived back then. I anticipate every coming day in this month and when it is about to end, I’m sorrowful. In the earlier years when I was younger, dumber and perhaps cuter, I looked forward to the cake and the outings. Now I want to find ways to re-invent myself in my month.

I am guilty for claiming to get junk out of my menu for like forever now. I avoid manufactured juice but that is all the effort I’ve made. Either because of the cost or being a non lover, chocolate has been away for almost an year. But mentioning it makes me want to take off the counter..

Not being one to have new year resolutions so common to man, being ‘born again’ in my birthday month is the best way to go. I will do everything to make me a better person and when the end year comes, I’ll be watching others put down their to-dos as I cross out my own. This will keep me ahead of everyone but I won’t post it on social media for everyone to notice. Acknowledgement is sweet but not all want to see that great body, hair or new shoes.

July mend me, reduce my flaws and make me grow. When August takes over it should barely recognize the last year me. As for all the July born babies, children or adults Happy Birthday whether it is belated or to come. Cheers to this great month!!



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