Cinderella and her Wicked Step Mother


We have all read the Cinderella stoty. Heard it, narrated it or even more recently and “digital” watched it. At times I wonder if technology is advancing us or making us dumber by dwindling our God given ability to imagine. That being said let’s bore ourselves out of our wits by engaging in yet “Another Cinderella Story”

Once upon a time, in a land far far away.. Who am I kidding? It wasn’t too long ago and there is no land too far out of reach. There lived a lovely girl named Cinderella and her evil step mother. Only in this case there were no step sisters to compare and compete with her beauty. Only a brother. Being in an African setting, the step mother thought she had it all since conceiving a boy  child was highly valued. How wrong she was. Her husband loved Cinderella dearly and would not let mistreatment reach her under his watch.

Schemes and devices. The husband had to work and she saw an opportunity. To do what she couldn’t do in his presence. Treat Cinderella like an outcast. Competing for attention like toddlers with tantrums. Desperate for sole love of the man of the house like co wives, she simply didn’t know her place. Her childhood must have been a terrible one. Character indeed stems from the bitter roots of the past.

Cinderella clean, Cinderella cook, change the baby, feed him. It was Cinderella do and do some more. It was never enough. She wanted every thing done her way, otherwise it wasn’t done. Unlike other Cinderellas, this one knew how to speak for herself. And this caused trouble for her for when she did, a fight ensued and she was left bleeding. Later it formed a little scar. Not so little in memory.

“Unajua naweza kukuua na nikuzike na hakuna pahali mtu atanipeleka? “Her exact words to Cinderella if she failed to do a chore even due to a valid reason such as sickness. To prevent further fights, Cinderella was enrolled to a boarding school at a young age. But she had a life there, she didn’t ache or hurt. Nothing lasts forever though. The holidays always came and the torments continued..

Cinderella kept surviving, with tears at night to ease the struggle but she kept mum. One night while doing the dishes after supper, Cinderella broke a porcelain bowl. The report became that she was always breaking China yet that was her first. Infuriated, she wanted to break everything while everyone was away the next day. She restrained herself. She would not give the step mother the pleasure of her thoughts. Never.

There’s nothing worse than wickedness accompanied with a witty mouth that can’t seem to shut up. One person can’t possibly have an opinion on all matters arising. The tongue too like other organs, deserves rest and watering by the saliva. Preservation. You can’t be extravagant and use it all. This fateful night, she was talking too much again.

Her mistake was mentioning Cinderella’s mother in her unwanted speech for all within earshot. Cinderella had had enough of the woman. Like a charged electron, she was in the kitchen and came out knife in hand. Killer instinct had struck. She matched towards the talking machine that was having a meal at the same time. Ugali, sukuma wiki laced with avocado. Licking her poorly manicured nails. She didn’t see it coming.

Cinderella with all the rage that had accumulated over the years, struck and the knife grazed or cut the “prey turned predator’s” neck. She never wanted to find out. All her moves were already calculated and nothing hindered her now. The model of a mother wanted to involve the police, she claims she’s afraid Cinderella might strike again. But don’t you strike a match the second time if the stick doesn’t light?





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  1. Nash Nash says:

    i love the African cinderalla


    1. Thank you, she’s a beauty.


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