What lies Behind Closed Doors


In Abraham Marlow’s pyramidal hierarchy for human needs to attain self actualization, security is one of them. Located conveniently between love and need for sustainance. Security is what we struggle to achieve everyday, we want to feel safe to undergo our daily routines without interference. A great super power like USA itself under President  Donald Trump is considering putting up a wall to protect itself from the Mexicans. “..they are bringing crime.. ” he defends his decision. Before we go to work or leave for school we ensure all our belongings are safely locked away to at least get them as we left them. It’s a precaution. But what really lies behind closed doors?

Treasures. Either acquired legally or illegally. They are put behind doors, metal doors of vaults that can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

Thieves and robbers planning to attack a particular house or bank and escape with the treasures they didn’t contribute amassing.

Newly weds at a particular resort, enjoying their new rights as husband and wife.

A husband is beating the life out of his wife behind the closed door of a closed door. The wife has scars and bruises to show for it but stays because they have a child or two together.

A woman is screaming her lungs out while bringing the child in her womb to this life. The man is on the other side of the closed door, waiting anticipating or not.

A child is throwing away food in the high Estates as they are either full or don’t like that particular meal.

A child is starving in the slums, eating dirty leftovers from that high estate. Another is already suffering from malnutrition in the dry areas of the country.

A campus student is burning the midnight oil to catch up with the course under the dim light of a candle. During the day he was working to put a meal on the table that day.

The other is at some club or another. Guzzling liquor and smoking blunts. Not forgetting to take lots of pictures representing the moment. They will be posted on the Gram with captions such as “we were lit✌✌” and “thee night life👌👌”.

A girl skips her class because hubby said they will be getting lunch today. Not at Kempinski mind you. They have a cheap meal after which they are off to offer each other “dessert”. Behind closed doors or curtains..

The church going Mary is vomiting her stomach out. This is the second day she’s at it this morning. Her roommate was at kesha and she will be arriving in the course of the day. She knows what’s up. At the lodging she was at not so long ago with the bald oldie with a protruding stomach. She reaped several thousands. The door was locked.

A mother is at work, she has a 3 year old whom she leaves with her boyfriend to babysit. On her return she’s restrained from seeing her baby girl but when she does, a 911 call goes through. She’s dead whilst she was informed she was napping.

A distraught father who never listened to the pleadings of her little daughter not to be taken to mummy. Weeps. A murder has been carried out. The boyfriend had a mental disorder.

An inmate sleeps in his lonely cell, in the dark of the night. The bars open then close. In the morning he was demoralized during the night. No action is taken. No one saw. It was behind closed doors anyway. The victim is labelled crazy with a possible fantasy problem.

The boss of a successful company is sexually  harassing the employees as they know hold all the positions. The closed doors hold much more than the pile of files..

An employee is having an affair with the boss. It never goes beyond the office, there’s a table that is multipurpose. There’s an opening for promotions, they want to be among. The boss is married with several kids but wants to taste the forbidden fruit. It is sweet. Experience is the best teacher. And they can’t resist the study.

Leave that a closed door closed. Don’t touch! No you cannot go near it. You might be traumatized, betrayed or killed  when it opens..


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