The cycle of Love is Recycle!

She had always been vibrant from a young age, not cheerful but jubilant in the moments. You will look and not find a smile on her young face of those old photos that made the 90’s kids wear their best clothes and flash plastic smiles (that were genuine). It’s like she could see that even in her late childhood and adolescence she would remain a mystery, differently odd from the others.

Like they all do, she was quick to grow and most did not fail to notice the beauty that came along with the growth. And so many people speaking of one’s looks, acknowledging what’s she sees in the mirror could go into one’s head. It went to hers. She didn’t need to spend hours staring at what she looked like, the compliments would stream in day after the other.

She finished high school and while awaiting to join university as she knew she would. She met him. They were both at sea and clashed in a storm but were ‘lucky’ to find each other’s company as they were sailed to calm shores. Love, Lust or Infatuation was their captain. She never found out who.

David was his name. Although she did not conform to the Christian faith and the Bible, she knew the story of David. Knowledge was not something she struggled with and acquiring it was her greatest pleasure. He was good looking and many girls wanted him because of his tall frame. Only in this case he wanted her. For her it was that and the dimples. She had an obsession for them and he fed it.

The power couple, everyone said. All around seemed happy for them. 7 months in and still together, ‘real love ‘ they added. David charmed her. Made his friends hers. While she was good at friendships, she never had many friends. The Creed of keeping your circle small guided her. He prisoned her and she lavished in it, unknowingly.

The university applications came in, she was called to one of the top universities for a course she choose though wasn’t her passion. Being a believer of fate, she decided to go with it. She would learn. He followed her there. Not being able to have secured a place with his grades. David applied. And was admitted.

You can’t pick a rose without pricking yourself with the thorns. He was an angel, but now turned beast. He had vowed to her that he is no drug user but shortly after joining university, he was at all the parties, taking alcohol, sheesha and weed. When she brought it up, he said to her that he has to enjoy life. And he did.

He took her to some of his friends’ parties and she was disgusted by his behaviour. The guy couldn’t even handle the shots. He was usually the first to get completely wasted leaving her at the hands of other guys. Who were not only his friends but his rivalries when it came to her. She refused but not for too long..

She had a huge crush, not on one of his friends but one of her own. David wasn’t enough and Kay was sending shivers down her spine. He made her laugh, kissed her correctly. Kay was just perfect. He knew what he wanted and was focused in doing his best to get it. A gentleman even and she couldn’t stop herself. As a prisoner, she admitted this to David and he was in rage. He told Kay off and said he would forgive her.

The ship was at storm, right where it started. She found out of his associations with other girls. Jealousy. She couldn’t take it. She smashed his phone. He fought her, strangled her and she was helpless. She cried, he tried to hold her but she wouldn’t forget. She walked away. He sought her. She never turned back. They tried friendship it failed because he still loved her. It is impossible to stop.

Several months later, David  is dating his previously ‘bestie’ as he had always assured her it was nothing more. She is with a particular Hercules but she knows like with all the others before the conquest will end. And she will win. She is the female conqueror..


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  1. Hamphrey Ayany says:

    I’m short of words

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  2. Qabale says:

    That is so fantastic
    It kept me on toes from the word go

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