The real campus Girl


I recently read an article ‘The campus girl is not a wife’ and was enraged from the first capital letter to the very full stop. As much as we are all entitled to our opinions, this writer went way overboard for me. I’m in campus myself and I couldn’t relate at all. Maybe with the title to some extent I do agree but the reasons given there were just, I can’t continue. So my rage transported me to the keyboard and screen. It’s my outlet.

When did terms like wife material first evolve from because honestly I would like to give whoever came up with it a piece of my mind. A campus girl sure can cook. Very well indeed. Let’s not forget that most of us hail from villages where taking care of our siblings is the key role. Whether you go to school or not. I might not cook very well or like your mother but that isn’t the role of  a wife anymore. It’s 2017 last I checked ama in Kenya bado we are traditionalists?

Sponsors. I would really prefer the previously coined term: sugar daddies. It informs us that these girls are getting some sugar. Not every girl in campus has a sponsor and neither are we searching for them. I wouldn’t forget how the writer said we don’t lack money as we drain it from our parents, sponsors and boyfriends. Have you met campus guys? Where would they even get the money. And our parents, are you kidding me? We sleep hungry and we do go without all the luxuries of everyday nights out. We simply can’t afford it and our priorities have been set right.

I know various friends of mine(who are in campus lest I forget to mention and are female) who don’t chug cheap liquor. They might take some but its not cheap and it definitely doesn’t make them go around dropping pants for guys! Drunkenness isn’t even the ultimatum for sexual relations anymore. Is this giving us red flags about hanging out with our male counterparts in the presence of alcohol? This doesn’t even add up although it might happen. We should call it rape and not accuse these young women of being helpless in that state when they are just trying to experiment with their youth. Let it be noted that I do not support drug abuse in any way.

At the very end of the article, men were advised to go back to the villages for a model wife. I couldn’t help but laugh but oh please, men go right ahead and heed. Apparently because a girl has an education she cannot be domesticated. She might not follow the traditional rules of being submissive but it makes her less of a wife? She has to kneel down to bring your drink so as to feed your male ego? Well, well, well perhaps you should really go back to the village for the perfect ‘model’ wife. Wait! You don’t want a woman who can help you in decision making? Oh, I was just double checking.

For me the campus girl is way much more than the average wife outcome she is expected to become. She is intelligent, can fend for herself and she knows what is best for her children. She might make mistakes while figuring it all out but we learn best from mistakes. I should have let it go but I am not a Frozen character. I am the campus girl who believes her opinion is to be heard whether it is critical or educational.


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  1. Caroline says:

    Well written…couldn’t have put it better myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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