Mirrored Reflection.


At one point or the other we have all looked at our own reflections, it could be of the the entire body or some parts of it. All in all we have all looked. And seen. Rather observed. Did you look at the other you through a mirror, glass, camera, another’s eyes or water? You realize that with all these states the clarity of your body is different, with the mirror overpowering the rest in perfection. Does the way you look influence how you carry yourself around others or even by yourself? I don’t know!

Women spend more hours at the mirror than men, we don’t need research to deduce this. Fairytales confirm this for us: “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? ” Every lady wants to look better than the last and if they see a fairer, they will for sure borrow some tips to work with the very next day! There is no harm in sitting still and looking pretty. Question is are you all beautiful or is your personality trying or already is ugly?

Science says that we are all striving towards self actualization, which is basically the highest form of self we can achieve. Looking back and regretting less or nothing? Is this possible though? Are there some of us human species that are just born for perfection? Impossible but maybe..

Identity crisis. If you haven’t experienced it yet(of which I doubt) wait for it. We all struggle to be associated with a kind of people or lifestyle, wanting to belong especially with those around you. Sadly even when you can’t handle or afford what your ‘admirees’ have you will sacrifice all it takes to join the ‘club’.

School is the biggest influencer of such form of identification. You will particularly find it difficult to ever belong if you’ve attended several schools. Circumstances can’t be avoided when your parents work in organizations that travel from time to time. Usually the moment you start feeling comfortable with your current environment and making some friends, a call comes in and the next day you are in a new town. Starting another script of your social life. Discontinuity.

Am I saying this is how character is formed? Shy, gullible individuals never had the chance to associate with others because of constant change? Not totally. Some people will move to a new area and become the best of friends or proud guys who can’t stop belittling others. It narrows down to how you were received into the world, yes right from conception.

A standard identity can work wonders for you in these times. Working too hard to attain it isn’t an issue, the real deal is the result. How you will use it to reap benefits for yourself and those you care about. If you are faced with identity crisis, other generations connected to you by genes might also face the same.

Classic example. You are 20 -something and you have a toddler. Since you don’t know what to do or know what to do but not in the right way, your child will pick it up. Unfortunately if it’s a single parent situation, it gets worse as there is no alternative to balance out the negatives. Aggressiveness makes the child timid and if you are too lenient they never manage to grow above your protective wing.

30 years down the line, a grandchild is going through the same phase. Staring back at that other person they can’t seem to get under to. Fighting the waves to understand self. At war to gain what was taken from them a few years, decades or centuries back. Exploring to find the source of the stream they quench their unending thirst from. But as in every fight for peace and freedom, there are victors, losers and captives..


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