Written Writing


From a young age, I admired art and when I was around 10 years I discovered I could draw. I practised this by competing with my older friends (mind you they had no interest in art) and I was awed by what my hands and eyes could do. The biggest mistake I did was letting that talent go, if I wanted to grow it I could have, there was nothing to stop me. But I didn’t know it was something to be developed, I hoped it will always stay with me. Dead wrong I was. In upper classes I struggled drawing maps and even body structures such as lungs, ears but it was too late to turn back then.

There is nothing wrong with admiring the works of others, it does sting though knowing you could be up there with them doing the same or definitely better. Yes yes.. I was reduced to an admirer instead of being the maker. It sure can bring your esteem down a notch, believe me.

Recognition is important, among the basic things we learn as children among talking, walking, reading, writing is the milestone that parents await their children to accomplish. It  shows that the cognitive development is sure playing it’s role in the life of their offspring. However, very few will notice that their children have a love for writing. Let’s admit it. No one considers writing an art, but is it?

You walk into many homes and notice famous paintings, pictures and furniture of exclusive value. The love of art drives many to advertise them to their guests as they were bought at hundreds of thousands, the originals at least. Rarely do we meet anyone with a library at their place, we don’t read anymore and writers are barely taken  to be artists. Why?

Writing entails reading. It is simply impossible to be a good writer if you don’t read. You wouldn’t even have the passion it requires to produce a good piece. Art is all about perception mostly but writing engages your imagination and there anything better than that? You create and put it down in words of a language comfortable for you. And anyone reading it is able to comprehend it according to their creativity levels.

Wills, certificates, title deeds and even records are written down for future generations or reference. But is this art? Maybe not. But we can’t ignore what pen and paper together with a creative mind can put together a work of art in whatever dimension that suits it!





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