Sexual Slavery.


In the olden days, sexual intercourse was a sacred activity only allowed within the institution of marriage. It was a taboo to engage in intimacy if not bonded by the sanctity of marriage. In Africa at least, this was the norm and most cultures followed it religiously. We are living in the 21st century and its an amazement that slavery, that was claimed to have been abolished still highly thrives. In a generation where claims of freedom and rights are emphasized, it is shocking and disheartening.

It cannot be well placed when prostitution really started but I believe it is from way back and it is among all the other sexual crimes. These are adultery ,rape, incest, bestiality, fornication and gayism(depending on what your culture has molded you to be). Prostitution must have come with slavery as the masters saw it as an opportunity to have the women disposed to them as property to work for them during the day time and fulfill their sexual fantasies in the night. As much as it was morally degrading for these women who could not even refuse the advances of their masters, it went on and on until ‘freedom’ was earned.

In this century, young girls are being kidnapped and sold off into sexual slavery. This is with promises of jobs in large cities when they are taken from their families. Little do they know that they are falling prey. The main targets are those from poor and illiterate communities. This is not to say that girls from advanced societies are not taken, they are just a little bit safer. Those who try to escape and found are tortured and even at times killed. Those behind this business cannot afford to be exposed and they are ready to go to any lengths to protect themselves. Some women grow old in this ‘profession’ and instead of saving the younger generation, they continue with the ‘blooming’ business.

Can you imagine sleeping with 6-10 men a day and more of the same number during the night unwillingly? It is a bitter experience to deal with considering that most of these young women were reaped off their childhood. To help them deal with this psychological trauma, their ‘bosses’ introduce them to drugs as they are well aware of the adverse effects. Hence 97% of women enslaved in prostitution are hard core addicts. Even worse they are HIV positive as the clients do not want to use protection and pay for it. Many end up dying i the very poverty they were promised out of in worse conditions.

However, there is legal prostitution now. For me it does not help the situation but in every matter, there is the good and ugly side. Women engaged in legal prostitution have rights and they can report their clients in case of abuse or anything contrary to the agreement. This is a huge step but many women are still facing challenges as not many clients want to abide by the new rules. This source of income can merely be considered moral but one has got to do what they got to do. Reasons for prostitution are various and diverse but I cannot go around sharpening knives for humans.

Men around the globe are complaining that the girl-child has been overprotected by society. I believe the girl child needs more than just protection as it seems that the world is becoming more cruel for her as centuries go by. Empowerment in all aspects is crucial not economically alone. I believe it is high time we all revisit our priorities, don’t you?


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