Man was indeed the first person to be created, there is no doubt for those of us who believe in God and have Holy Books. We are the Muslims, Christians and Hindus maybe, honestly, I can’t tell. As for the atheists I don’t know where we all emerge from. A person’s sole belief on the existence of a superior being or lack of there of, is none of my concern. I’m highlighting the male species, a man.

From time immemorial, men have considered themselves superior to women in all ways. There was a time when baby girls used to be buried alive just for being female. How that generation even got the women to conceive and carry those pregnancies for nine whole months, I want to find out. The mere question of being female is still a big problem, surprisingly in this so very advanced 21st century.

Women are still being sexually harassed, ripped of high positions at their places of work and the most alarming thing is that we women hate our own kind. For example, in the political world, 90% of the women will eliminate their very own candidate in the favour of the man. This is not to say that we should go around electing unqualified women just to ensure that a woman leads. No no! Those who have the appropriate leadership skills should really be given the opportunity.

Men want their daughters and sisters to get a good education but when it comes to choosing a wife, intelligence is not a factor and neither is strong will. They want ‘domesticated’ women from underdeveloped villages so that they can suppress them in all ways. Personally, I don’t mind submitting to my future husband(if he comes along at all) because I believe in coming to an agreement together but if he towers over me, I will not allow it. He can do that with his height and body build alone and not commands as if I’m his servant.

What buffles me is the idea we all have sometimes, that women are inferior. I am no feminist but I believe in what is right when it comes to matters of the society. The day all communities worldwide embrace women as equal to men, we will see much better development than we currently have. Discrimination by gender has been for far too long been passed with generations as if it is a welcome tradition yet it is degrading. We women should also stand up for ourselves and overcome this injustice we have accepted.

All in all we should not lose our touch with reality that God created us(I belong to the female species..) to be companions of men but we can overall become conterparts. Changing times necessitate changing conditions!


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