The toughest 5 minutes..


The most difficult 5 minutes of your life definitely cannot be when you were being born. I take my words back, come to think of it maybe they were.You might have been stuck in the womb or even born with the umbilical cord wrapped around your baby neck.That sure is a tough state to be in and even if we use the elimination method, we cannot totally rule out the certainty of the toughness of this now, can we?Again since we might have no clear memories of such happenings unless seen on a tape (of which we still fail to believe that was us) let’s lose focus on the birth event.

You are riding your bicycle, driving your car, cruising your boat or yacht, piloting an airplane and why not even just exercising your limbs by walking or strolling.Alas!By passes a car, a truck, a storm and oh yes the good calm weather clears all vision by blurriness of mist and fog.You immediately go into a state of hysteria, will I die? Am I going to be so mangled up beyond recognition?Is my family going to be okay when I’m gone?So too many questions race through our minds in the fear that those are our last five minutes.In this case, adrenaline does not turn hero..

What really is the last five minutes?Do they really have to be engraved with danger to qualify or can they also be when you are having the time of you life?To some five minutes maybe an entire life time while to others it is just a minute’s worth.The difference comes in where we are all engaged in various activities that are important or not so to us.Five minutes can change a person’s life who is sitting for an examination.In a football match, that turns tables upside down for other teams that season. For a patient who is being rushed to the Emergency Room, those 300 seconds are their lifeline.

There are so many sayings about time.Time is money is a good example.Don’t you just sit down and wonder how time influences us?Are we to own several clocks and watches so as to gain the value of time the money way?Thinking logically, we are realize that is not the case.It is up to us as individuals to find out how to convert our time to money.It is tough yes but what can we achieve without challenges?Do not wait for the last five minutes to find you hovering about, invest in them and save yourself.


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