It might have occurred to you or maybe not yet but the 21st century really isn’t an original.This century bases most of its culture from its predecessor, well almost all of it!In these terms I’m majorly referring to the mode of dressing, sounds so old-fashioned so let’s call it Fashion.

If you are a ’90s babe then you probably know what I’m talking about or have a hint of what I’m talking about.I happen to be Kenyan so I will use terms that are common here and that will give you all others a chance to learn our beautiful,rich heritage when it comes to language.There is so much to choose from when there are over 43 wonderful tribes surrounding you,don’t you agree?

Let’s go ahead and dig in.The crop-top:used to be called tumbo-cut.It has maintained the hyphen in both words,interesting.This attire is simply a top,can be long or short-sleeved, the material could vary but most ladies prefer chiffon.It is cut out just slightly to reveal the navel or the entire stomach if one so pleases.Most of us really took to the gym in order to rock this outfit but times are surely changing and you can wear it with or without the flat tummy.Pregnant women who are almost due are showing off their bellies and boy does it make you want to have a bulging stomach!

Then came Beyonce or well,the excuse of boys wanting to compete with we women as usual.The male species took to the streets with cameras and posted themselves in crop tops announcing they want to advertise their abs.Boy please!Anyway after some dissing for about a week, I think the movement decided to call it a lost cause because I’m yet to meet one roaming around in it.So this simple article of clothing was adopted from the 90s and is doing quite well in the market.

Dungaree..okay okay it is the jumpsuit.This must be really famous.It is worn in some prisons in the USA but in the orange colour.That still doesn’t stop us law-abiding citizens from reminiscing to the days back when it was the coolest clothing to own.Jeans is the most common form it is found in.Ankara is also setting up heights for us back here in Kenya.We do Ankara shoes,bags,clothes and even furniture.We are really vast in creativity to end up looking all colourful and we do it so well.

I remember myself looking all hot in my dungaree at around 4 years of age.It was the short type.The amazing thing about the jumpsuit is you can really make it what you want it to be and it comes out extremely great.Short,long,three-quarter,the choice really is only yours.You own your style and being unique is the best fashion statement to make.I’m off to get my new lace dungaree.I’m too thrilled!


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