Which one is yours?Uhm..wrong question, which one can you identify with?Bombarding you with unnecessary questions?Yes I definitely am, I happen to be that annoying.Let’s start from the very beginning.Although this involves relationships, it is not about the romantic type but that is where everything kicks off from.Excuse my French; let me make everything clear before you all begin to hate me more than you already do.The single life: a situation where you get to live with both your biological parents or one of them if the other is permanently unavailable especially in the case of death.The double: both parents are alive but due to some circumstances majorly divorce, they live separately, therefore, they have joint custody of you.Simple matters, right?
Of course, we will begin with the double as that is where I belong(I am self-centered and the earlier you come to terms with it, parents the better for all of us). My life has been a journey of both pleasant and unpleasant happenings with me shuffling the cards between parents’ different lifestyles.If you ask any of my relatives what kind of person I am,they are sure to say I’m the quietest in the family.Too silent that they wonder if I have any opinion on anything that corresponds to life.Little do they know, I’m like a time bomb waiting to explode.It is just seconds ticking now…

Come to my friends.All they want to do all day is stuff my mouth so I can take a break off blabbing.Around them,whether I have sufficient information or not,I will go on and on for hours on end.I am wild and I’m all up for those fun times out with those I’m comfortable around.Honestly, I have people in my life that I’m not sure why they are a part of it but,I do tolerate.I’m self withdrawn,moody;replace that with grumpy but I love who I have become over the years subject to the double living.Do you need more in life?Not in this generation.

I cannot say much for the single life but I imagine it is terrible(sorry but I have to support my background)Most people find themselves here when the woman carries the sole responsibility of the pregnancy.Many men on hearing their lady is with child in her womb,flee as they cannot face the truth that somewhere in between,some sperm fertilized an egg.A mother is usually the stronghold of this family and the individuals grow up strong and with a determination that cannot be deterred.

Whether you live the single,double or none of the above lives,life remains what it is.The planet earth will still rotate no matter how much you dread the coming of day or night.We are told we have to rise above our differences but is this really possible?These people who come up with quotes do not really know what they are saying.After all,we in this world are all just winging it to see if we can get it right.No one knows what to do for sure,nobody really cares how well or badly your life goes for you.We are just humans everyone out for their own self interest.Don’t let your background bring you a level down.Be free and be you!


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