Crazy Defines

As I was going through my news feed this morning, I came across a story that clearly affects most women today.Realistically it should not be a problem but the world is making a big issue out of it.Can you imagine a lady sending a message to another and telling her she has no titties?Is this all that matters today because honestly, what’s the use of a big butt without brains?

It is even more unbelievable to the heights that we women would go to gain these ‘greatly desired assets’ that God did not bless us with.I cannot claim that I myself have those valleys and mountains that will make me an hour glass but my body is mine and plastic won’t do otherwise for me.Or even the curves in all the right places as the common phrase that is used.

That lady this morning, however at least stood up for herself and informed her counterpart least she has a bra size!As much as that was savage on another level, I salute her and  I think it’s high time we all find better things to do than checking out who has a bigger ass than who.There is no competition for body types, never will be.We should learn that in all aspects others will always be more or less privileged than ourselves.













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